Funding and Withdrawal Questions

What deposit methods do you offer?

By Credit Card, Wire Transfer.

If I want to transfer bitcoins, where do I transfer them to?

If you want to deposit via Bitcoins, you need to transfer the amount of bitcoins you want to this address: xxx.
We will then add the same amount to your trading account.

What are your transaction fees?

When depositing in bitcoin: You only pay the transaction fees to miners.
rnrnWhen depositing with credit card: 3.5%
rnrnWhen making a wire transfer: xxx

How do I withdraw money from my account?

Once your account is verified, you can request a withdrawal from your account at any moment.

What are the withdrawal transaction fees?

For bitcoin withdrawals: We convert the underlying US Dollar value of the bitcoin amount that you wish to withdraw to bitcoin. We deduct 20% during this exchange conversion.